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Carmes Inc

Carmes Inc is a fictional company, who CEO is Carmes, a character created by me.

It is in the same "universe" as Shef Werld, another fictional company created by Scratcher CatsUnited. (Shef Werld was created first and Carmes Inc was created later)

Link to Carmes Inc's website (its part of this website)

History of Carmes and Carmes Inc

Some random comics

I sometimes make random comics that Carmes (mentioned earlier in this page) is said to make. A list of them is found here.

All comics were made for Shef Kerbi News Network, a fictional news thingy owned by CatsUnited's Shef Werld.


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Bug Reporting and discussion

If you want to report a bug, have a suggestion, want to ask a question about Carmes Inc or the rest of the website or want to discuss this website, go here to find some links.