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History of Carmes and Carmes Inc

This explains the history of Carmes and Carmes Inc.

Note: I have attempt to write this from the real world point of view. All actions done by Carmes are mostly done on the Shef Kerbi News Network TBGs topic.

Carmes was created on the 16th of November 2018. I had joined the TBGs (under the username RedComputer4964 or something similar) the day before (I might have seen it in the Scratch Wiki and decided to join; I was already a member of the Scratch Wiki before I joined the TBGs). Carmes was then hired by Shef Kerbi News Network. Carmes' name comes from the Spanish word for the colour crimson. Carmes is partially based on Crimsony, an OC I used in Scratch projects. Both have red bodies and are 'Colouries', but Carmes has gold facial features, whilst Crimsony has cyan.

The first products made by Carmes to be advertised were Pig Soop and Emoji Bars, whose ads were created on the 24th of November. Carmes' Web Design, a fictional web design service, had their ad created the day later. The ad was not used until months later.

Carmes dissapeared from SKNN around the 7th of January 2019. Between then and his re-appearence on the 6th of August that year (when I had to create another TBGs account, SausageMcSauce, the one I am currently using due to losing the password of RC4964), SKNN became a part of Shef Werld.

When Shef Werld entered Season 4 in September, the homepage mentioned that Carmes invented Pig Soop. Carmes Inc was later formed on the 20th of October 2019, when Carmes in-universe purchased various companies, mostly ones that he had advertised.

The Carmes Inc Website was created in June 2020, entirely on before being imported to GitHub in August.

Shef Kerbi News Network was later discontinued by CatsUnited in early September 2020, but Carmes Inc is still active in its universe.